C6027 Beige Leather & Flesh Mesh







Nice shoe but color problem

Like a couple of other C series shoes I usually order, this style is excellent for my foot, which is wide at the ball. It is light,flexible and lets you really feel the floor. The only negative is the persistent problem with every beige leather C-series Very Fine shoe I have ever bought, which is that the color quickly rubs off down to a white underlining. (I do Argentine Tango, which requires contact between your feet in the collected position so some rubbing is inevitable.) It's too bad, because then you eventually have to use leather dye to fix it. I love the color, so I keep on buying it, but the mfgr. should solve this problem. The black leather shoes do not do this, and obviously the satin ones do not either. Further, just before this I had returned a beige pair of yet another C-series style that actually arrived with 2 rubbed off spots from where someone else must have tried them on. Come on, guys -- get your act together!!