VFSN002 White







Lovely sneakers

Among the white dance sneakers, this model is the best. It is comfortable and goes well with light-colored clothes.

Debby V

Great shoes For Zumba

The shoe looks clunky, but it provides great support for Zumba. I have bad knees and this shoe is the best one I have found for them. I also have small ankles and this shoe can be laced tightly so There is no slippage. The spin spot is large and perfect for Zumba.

Gary Webkin


Great shoe for the price

I always order these for my cardio dance class - they always handle quite well - however, side to side (lateral) movement tend to cause the shoe to "fail" at the edges - or it could simply be my wide foot. I still buy them because they ultimately hold up nicely.

Aly Fakhry

Comfortable, and spins well.

Intially I order VFSN 005 Black in the dance sneakers section, but my size was out of stock till end of July, so I went for this one since it was my next best choice. I needed a white pair of dance shoes that looked like casual sneakers. At the same time I needed them to assist in spinning. Well, I got that exactly. The live help agent helped pick my right size, and it fit me very well. The shoe is comfortable, looks good and spins just right.