2002 Light Gold Leather & #79 Mesh






Rebecca Runyan

Gold Mesh Practice shoes

These shoes are super comfortable. I have a baby toe bunion and these do not cause pain. the only issue that I have had is that the suede on the heel came loose after 3 months. I tried to reglue and even bought new suede to glue down. It is not holding to the plastic heel.


I have no title

Very pretty and comfy. I have plantar fasciitis and that's why I ordered these, for more support. It's easy to place my shoe insert in these shoes because they are enclosed. So far so good.

Pam Wright


I love these shoes and have gotten a lot of complements on them. Different colored and patterned socks make them even more fun. Comfortable as well, (although I do wear inserts in all my dance shoes).


Light Gold Leather w/ Mesh

I found the shoes to be quite comfortable. The mesh gives just enough to not squeeze the toes. The mesh also keeps your feet from sweeting as much. Would buy them again.



This is my fourth & fifth (I ordered 2) pairs of this style. I constantly get good comments on my feet ''''''''''''''''negligees''''''''''''''''. I dance with great balance, flow to everything ... from waltzes to tango (even as a lead). Love ''''''''''''''''em and so glad they are in production again. Thank you!