802 Black Leather






Patricia St John


After careful research I ordered these shoes and paid twice what I could have on similar sites because the quality seemed much better. I am very disappointed.. I wore them one time and the sides of my feet were touching the floor. The shoes were very uncomfortable and did not hold up well at all. Because of their "Return" policy I have a pair of expensive shoes I cannot wear. Very dissatisfied

Jeannette Altman

Dance Instructor

Good quality shoe. Fits well and feels fine when dancing


802 Black Leather Shoe

These are the most comfortable dance shoes I have owned. I danced all night without getting any pressure sores or felt the need to change into my worn, comfortable old pair. Definitley will purchase from you again. Thank you - from my very happy feet!

Judy Orazio

Square dancer and polka lover

At last! I have found a shoe in which I can dance all evening and my feet stay ''''''''''''''''Happy.'''''''''''''''' The price was very reasonable and I received my shoes within a week. My foot is an ''''''''''''''''A'''''''''''''''' width but the medium fit comfortably...I just added some gel inserts in the insole area. I now own three pairs in beige, black and gold.