2784LEDSS Green Satin







So much potential...!

These shoes... I had my eye on them for a long time. I loved every thing about them: the cross strap to support my high arches, the strappy front to accommodate my weird toes, the low heel for a comfortable range of dance, and, of course... that green. But theory was disproven with actualization. On the dance floor, the *satin* front did not give. Awful. Even now, with a few month of social dancing in them, they still dig in and leave an imprint by the end of the night. And yes, I went to a cobbler to get them stretched. Very uncomfortable. The arch strap was too long. I've been dancing in VeryFines for a few years now. I'm used to having the buckle halfway. For these shoes, I contemplated adding another hole to make them tighter; more snug. All in all, I suggest sticking to what you know. For me, that's the 5008. Best of luck finding heels! It truly is a "Cinderella" moment when you find the pair that works.

Frida Bolado

fit great, look good, comfy

bought these shoes for a wedding and I was surprised at just how comfortable they are since most high heels are awkward to wear. I am planning on buying more colors

Rocio Croy

best color!!

perfect color for summer, although it is over lol received goodcompliments. My regular size 7 fit good