VFSN016 White Suede







Excellent Zumba Shoes!

Excellent shoes for Zumba class. My wife loves them!

M. Perez


Comfortable and affordable...a great buy!


Fitness Intructor

I LOVE these shoes! I wear them for all my classes. I teach line dance and senior Zumba classes 4 days a week and always wear these shoes. I love how they fit and how easy it is to do the turns in line dance classes.

Patricia Watts


I love my dance sneakers. I'm in my 80's and just started line dancing My hips would start to act up after a couple of dances and I had to sit out a couple of dances. So, one day I googled "line dancing shoes". These looked perfect and I thought they might be a good investment. Well, I can now dance for the whole hour with no hip pain!

Juliana Sandahl


Very comfortable shoes for line dancing. They fit like a glove and hug your foot. Moves nicely on the floor. Other line dancers inquired where I had bought them and liked the style of the shoe. My only concern is that the suede may show smudges that I do not know how to clean.