SERO102BBX Black Suede






Barney Smith

Nice Shoes

These are the most comfortable VeryFineShoes that I have worn to date


Awesome shoes

I love these shoes...these shoes are excellent. Well made. Comfortable. Classy. Best bang for your money. You won't go wrong with a pair.

Floyd Berstein

5 Stars

I'm very close to purchasing another pair just in case something happens to the current pair I own bc I love them so much!

Elliot Sosa

Fine with my regular street size

Been a long time Very Fine fan and needed some new dance shoes. These look amazing in person and are even cooler on your feet. Literally!

Ariel Camacho

great buy

I bought these for my son. They looked good and fit perfectly on him. Ordered about half a size down from his street size since I hear these run a bit big. Packaging was impressive also. I would recommend them.