C1620 Black Satin






Heidi Danek

Love the easy buckle

the buckles are not actually buckles. They are more like stoppers, and there is this hook thing on the shoe (similar to a bikini top closure) that you thread the strap though and it catches on the buckle.

Bonnie Burton

Satisfied Customer

Like the quick release bukcle on the shoes! And the extra padding is great!

Daisy Yang

Happy with my purchase

Wore them out for an evening with my husband and after 5 hours my feet felt great. Easy to walk around in as well. Glad I bought these

Eva Green

Like dancing on clouds!

I cannot explain how comfortable these shoes are! Dancing was so much easier after I bought these shoes

Letty Bosman

Good fit and great price

The beige make a great neutral shoe to go with anything. The clasp is a hook on instead of a real buckle. And these are definately shoes I would bring in a bag and only wear on the dance floor because of the sole being a suade-like material.