S1001 Dark Tan Satin






Mauricia Loredo

So comfortable, light, and glam.

Comfortable and can be worn formally or casually. Great shoe for Latin ballroom or other ballroom styles.

Rocio Avila

Made me want to dance instantly

They were just so pretty and comfortable. Loved them right out of the box

Sadye Chamaro

They are very comfortable and beautiful.

I ordered a size 8.5 however I do have a wide foot. I personally think that a 8 would have been a better fit but I wasn't sure which size to oder since my heels in my closet vary from size 8 to 8.5 but with a simple pad I can make them fit better.

Rosa Mendoza

Dancing Shoes

very comfy and just right!

Lisa Wang

They could not be more perfect

My second pair of the same latin dance shoes by Very fine, I have 6-7 pairs of others