S1002 Tan Satin






Eli Kirkland

Exactly what I wanted!

My regular street size fit me perfect

Noemi Neimar

Long hours of dancing

I can wear them for hours/all day and my feet don't hurt until the end of the day.

Vanessa McCormick

4 months

I have only had these for about 4 months, but they are awesome. They took a few days to break in, so if they're uncomfortable/tight, give them a few days of wear. I wear them a couple times a week and they're still in great shape.

Megan Wallace

Dance Shoes

They were a little big. I have very small feet though and it's hard to find shoes small enough. I wish they had a size 4 and didn't stop at 4.5.

Bianca Yelent

Perfect for those long salsa dance nights!

I got these as performance shoes, but these are SURPRISINGLY comfortable, and have a great sole