S1001 Gold Scale_Dark Tan Gold






Karen Williams

Did not need to break them in

Most of the shoes that I have gotten in the past needed some time to be broken into but these were good right our of the box!



I'm so glad there are vegan options for dance shoes! These are beautiful and comfortable. The sparkly straps irritate my feet a bit, but overall the quality is far better than shoes I've purchased in the past. & no bloody feet - woo! I will definitely be buying more from the vegan line and recommending these cruelty-free options to my friends. Thank you! There's a mark on the inside of the shoes that distinguishes them as vegan and you can tell by the smell that they're not made with real suede/leather, in case anyone is suspicious like I am haha ;)

Tiffany Ashton

Great shoes for a newbie

So comfortable and gorgeous. Perfect for my bridesmaids dress for my friends wedding. Good option to think about ladies

August Rush

I trust these Very Fine's to keep me stable!

There is quite a bit of cushioning compared to my Supadance and Capezios

Krystal Veltran

Great fit

Arrived exactly on time. Haven't worn them for any length of time, but I love the way they fit.