Make Your Own Shoes (Women's Shoes)







Customization Incorrect

These did not come as I ordered them. I specifically asked for the PU sole to match the shoe (which was flesh colored) and not be black. I even e-mailed to confirm that that was doable and was told it was and that I should put the request under Order Comments... They came with a black sole, right along with the copy of my Order Comments where I asked for it to not be black.As for the craftsmanship, something is off about how they balanced these heels. The left shoe in particular is very wobbly on only a 2.6 inch heel. I have a pair with 2.75 inch heels and one with 3 inch stilettos from this store, and I routinely dance in 3.5 inches from another brand with no problem, so it's not that I'm not used to heels. It's just poor craftsmanship.Also, I had to add a hole to move the buckle to where it needed to be to close the shoes properly. They weren't even close with the location of the holes. The hole I added was an inch and a half further up the strap than the last one they had. There's no way anyone could have use the holes they provided.Overall, I was extremely disappointed with these shoes, both the sloppy craftsmanship and the inattention to the specifications of my custom order -- Why pay for a custom order if they don't pay attention to what I specified? I'll these shoes for going out, since the sole is PU, but I can't dance in them with the heel being so wobbly.

Jane Linstead

Perfect Salsa Shoes

I ordered C5008M Silver Sparkle & Silver Vegan shoes. They are perfect. The fit is great, extremely comfortable, wonderful to dance in. These are the 3rd pair of shoes that I have bought from Highly recommend.


wrong custom product, not full refund

I ordered two pair of custom dance shoes, one for myself, one for my husband. We only wear natural materials luch as leather, and decided to have leather dance shoes custom made to match our wedding clothes. However, the white leather shoes I ordered came as PU vegan uppers, insloes, and liners. No natural materials at all. I dont even know how you dance in shoes that have slippery manmade insoles. I could have gotten this crap at Walmart. I was very careful to order ntural white leather, not the PU white color. I returned them immediately, and had to pay $12 shipping plus a $15 restocking fee for the mistake. Plus, it costed me 8 weeks of waiting. I found white leather dance shoes at a local store instead.

Renee Van Dusen

FoxTrot Dancer

Beautiful shoes! I ordered in Flesh Satin and Soft black. Both fit nicely. Love the hook buckle so I am not fighting to get the little thing in the hole! Will need to order more. The Flesh Statin color doesn't match my dress like I thought it would but I sure will wear it with something else. Haven't danced in them yet, but am looking forward to it.