16612FT Tan Satin_Flesh Mesh






Stephanie Groth

thin sole

I find these shoes very comfortable at the ankle and toes; the Cuban style heel makes long hours of salsa practice much more comfortable. My one concern is that the sole is very thin in comparison with the other pair I got in the same order. Since I have been wearing them, there is a distinct outline of where the straps wrap around the bottom of the shoe. While I do not distinctly feel the straps, the area where the straps are on the bottom is black and the rest of the sole is still looking new. Perhaps this was a singular manufacturing mistake and a layer of the sole was missed.

Denise Sargent


Nice flesh tone color, however not enough support for my feet. Legs and back hurt after dancing with no support. I personally need built-in arch support in dancing shoes.

Paula Simmons

True to size

very comfortable to dance in. Was able to dance for hours without any problems.

Elaine Reeves

Love the shoes!

Suede bottom is nice and tan satin color goes well with my skin tone.

Rachel Monfils

These are so cute and very comfortable

These look much better in person than they do in the picture. They are comfortable and I have received compliments when I wear them