6023 Silver Sparklenet & Silver Trim







Discomfort with Shoe

Shoes are pretty but not comfortable. I got blisters on my big toe from dancing in them. And it wasn't dancing in them for hours, I am talking after an hour or so in them, my toe was so blistered. I had to put a band aid to get relief from it rubbing against my toe.


Great shoe!

Excellent quality, super comfortable. I'll be able to dance all night!


Princess shoes!

Love these shoes.. comfortable, perfect.

Juanita Hamilton


LOVE MY SHOES! I purchased these shoes for a cabaret belly dance performance. There are a lot of quick turns and spins in the dance, and the shoes performed perfectly. I usually wear a size 5.5 and have a wide foot. The size 5.5 that I purchased fits comfortably. As for the appearance--I love the sparkles! They dazzle under the lights. My dance troupe likes to sparkle from head to toe!

Allison Cuffy


This is comfortable and beautiful addition to my dance shoe collection. Danced at my dance school''''''''''''''''s award ceremony with it and it was a hit