SERA1662b Dark Tan Satin

Average rating: 5 / 5





Tatiana Sanchiz PSI PTY
Rating: 5


Exactly what I expected. Very happy with them.

Phung Nguyen
Rating: 4

Nice shoe but wrong size and heel

I really like the dark satin color and shoe style because of the quick buckle and clip/hook!!! But I had to return it because size 4.5 (smallest size I could order) was a little too big as I wear size 4. I also realized that 2.5 inch heel was a little too low and 3 inch was too high. I wish there was other option where I could custom order my shoe size and heel type to 2.75 inch.

Zoe Parker
Rating: 5


My SERA1662b Satin Very Fine Dance Shoes (Salsera Series) Dark Tan Satin dance shoes are beautiful, and they were a BREEZE to dance, walk, and stand in. They are very comfortable shoes, which I KNOW is very important. I would highly recommend them, to anyone looking for dance shoes. I thought also that the price was wonderful!!! Honestly, a 5 star shoe, and a 5 star website. Thank you!!!