S1002 Black Patent

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Nita Regan
Rating: 4


These are the best looking shoes on the whole website. Sexy with a decent height heel. They run REALLY wide, though, and kind of long. I slipped out of the back the first dance I wore them to. Later I put heel cushions to keep from slipping, and tightened the straps to as far as they would go. I do NOT have a skinny foot! Usually a 9 M always fits me perfectly in other shoe brands. I then had to put a little toe grip under the left toes to help with sliding around in the wide area of the foot pad. They don't look bad, just didn't fit as I expected and I had to make a lot of adjustments to get them to keep from giving me blisters. This is my first time buying real dance shoes. I needed them for a small performance the day they arrived or I might have exchanged sizes. Just trying them on and dancing in them are two different things. I didn't expect the sloshing around that occurred. I do like them and would buy them in a different color but need to play around with sizing and check to see if a narrow is available, which would be the first time in my life I had to buy a narrow shoe!