916102 Black Patent & Black Leather

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Rating: 5


Very comfortable and light shoes!

Rating: 4


Excellent beginner shoe. Light and flexible - easy height heel to get used to. A little narrow in the toe box, but should stretch to fit the foot.

Rating: 5

First shoes

I wore this as my first pair of dancing shoes. I performed a showcase (Foxtrot/West Coast Swing) and got many compliments. Great shoes to dance with!

Rating: 5

Review on Black Patent & Black Leather

These are my first dance shoes that I have owned. I am very pleased with them. My lady and I are attending the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Alexandria, VA and, having only worn them once or twice so far, I have already gotten a lot of complements on them. They are also very comfortable.

James A.
Rating: 4

Pretty good buy!

Hi. I bought these about a month ago. I got luck with guessing the size, as buying online is always a crap shoot. I also reviewed the M100101 Coffee Brown model, as a side note. These ones have some good thick suede on the bottom, very comfortable on the dance floor, and pretty comfy for my feet as well. These ones are a bit tougher to break in than the Coffee Brown shoes I bought, which I attribute to the different type of leather. On the heels some of the suede on the bottom is coming off the edge, but I''''''''''''''''ll just have to invest in some shoe glue. All in all, I am satisfied with the purchase, and for the price as well. These ones have a cool look to them.