Tote Bag

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I can't say much about this, but I'm not going to buy it until I find out how big it is and how many pairs of shoes it holds. The page where it's on currently doesn't tell me. If it did, I might buy it. I need a shoe bag that holds a single pair of shoes. From the shape of this bag, it looks like it might be too big, but that's just a guess. Neither of the other reviews says a thing about this.

Rating: 5

Good Purchase

This bag is very well made and a nice way to carry around my shoes. Reasonable price and good company to deal with. Very pleased.

Danny Fularon
Rating: 5

Tote Bag

I purchased two of these bags and I am very pleased. It looks good. It looks to be well made and big enough to put two pairs of shoes. A little squeeze but you can make it happen. Definitely, this online store is one of the best. I would recommend to all. Prompt and reliable.