Plastic Heel Protectors

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Rating: 4


At first I didn{´t know which size to get for my heles and I called and the people where really nice and offered me help with any question I had related to the shipping and placing my order. I totally recommend buying them to protect your shoes and they are also very helpfull to avoid sliping when dancing. They are a little bit hard to put and get off but it is fine so they dont come off easily.

Rating: 5


Without these, my heels were slipping all over the dance floor making it hard to concentrate on dancing. Now, they don't slip at all. Enough said.

Rating: 1


These heel protectors (Model P3) do not fit the Salsera series 3" Heel as they are listed to do.

Rating: 1

Heel Protectors!

The protectors did not work for the dance heels. I sized which to buy from the picture graph provided, but they were too big for my flared heels.

Rating: 5

excellent service

Had a pair of these on spouse's dance shoes that came off and got lost. Stumbled upon the Dance Shoes Store but couldn't figure out which tips to buy. Wrote email to customer support which was quickly answered. This order was placed a week before an NQE comp and the tips shipped and arrived quickly! We are very pleased with the quick response to our email and the quick shipment, and will purchase from here again.