919101W Black Leather in wide width

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Rating: 4


My second purchase of this shoe. The shoe fits my 10D foot size and I got 3 years of medium use ( use 2/month)

Rating: 5

After a year and a half of hard use (2 to 6 hours practice per week) I have purchased a new pair. The old pair still have a lot of life remaining but the scuffs on top are making them look a bit shabby. (Too lazy to polish the tops) They will continue as back-up since the soles are still fairly good. As with all dance shoes, the secret is to periodically clean/scuff the bottoms with a fine wire brush and only wear them on a proper dance floor.

Robert Belsher
Rating: 5


This is the second pair of these shoes that I have bought, I am learning Ballroom dance and these shoes were great for practice and learning. They fit great and are comfortable to wear and the leather is very soft and forms to your feet with no problems what so ever. A big plus to me was that they came in a wide size which is hard to really find dance shoes in the wide variety so I was lucky to have found these, They are stylish also and I have been given many compliments on the them also. I definitely recommend these shoes

Rating: 3


They were not wide. I had them stretched but at time and hassle. They say they are a "d" size.

Rating: 5


I was delighted with the fit as I have a bunion which can be a problem however these shoes are beautiful soft leather and very well made. Recommended.