2717 Brown Satin

Average rating: 5 / 5





Helen Van Blarcom
Rating: 5


Shoes arrived in a short time and the fit is great. Love the criss-cross strap (it gives me secure feeling that the shoe won''t slip off). Heel height and color are great. Worth every penny!

Uraiwan Nicholson
Rating: 5

Nice shoes

Hey, said the ballroom dancer to his lady partner, nice shoes. Yes, his partner demeurs, they''''''''''''''''re off island shoes. Koh Samui is great for a vist and has most everything you need but not a lot of what you might want. Such as very fine dance shoes. Flip flops, we got lots. Just no dance shoes. For that reason alone we give these shoes five stars, just for arriving but most of all, actually fitting. And the actual shoe? Five stars for the money even with shipping. And a big thanks for actually shipping to our tiny island.

Gloria Jahelly Solar Vigueras
Rating: 5

Great shoes!

I''''''''''''''''m completely satisfied with these shoes. This model is great for narrow feet because they doesnt slip at the front. Color and materials are great too.