CD3012 Silver & Party Stardust

Average rating: 4.5 / 5





Veronica Cornell
Rating: 5

dance student

Shoes are very comfortable and look great

Rating: 4

Beginner Bachata

I have had a few chances to wear these shoes at dance class. I bought these also to wear during a choreographed first dance at my wedding. I bought the 2.5 inch heel so that I wouldn''t be taller than my fiancé and that took some getting used to. I''m not used to wearing heels that are so low. The comfort is ok and once I got used to wearing the lower heel, I have found that I can dance pretty well in them. The only complaint I have for these shoes is that the straps around the toes seem a bit tight and constraining. Maybe that''s because they just need to be broken in?? But they look great! Better than in the picture. And I love that they are a bit unique with the rhodium plated heel.