Shoe Hooks: Model HS-1

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Sharon O'Hair
Rating: 5

Dance Shoe Hooks for Regular Shoes — WORKS GREAT!

I bought these shoe buckle hooks to put on my regular block heel, ankle strap shoes. It is so difficult to buckle these types of shoes because the buckle is on the outside of the ankle — like dance shoes. I ordered silver and gold hooks. It shows black ones too, but those seem to be discontinued.  While getting my shoe buckled still isn’t real easy, these hooks really help. I took my shoes to the shoe repair store. They took the buckle off & just buckled it onto the strap. Then they put the hook on where the buckle had been. Afterwards, I could adjust the buckle on the strap to fit my ankle. I’ve had this done to both regular shoes and dance shoes. I do highly recommend them. 

Nancy Eldis
Rating: 5

At last!!!

I work in the theatre, and for YEARS have tried to find these hooke to repair dancers shoes! I was SO thrilled to finally find them!!! I have a way to actually FIX the sheos other than taking apart another pair!!

Rating: 5


I like it.