SERA7012 White Snake

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Rating: 5


For the last 10 years or so, I have exclusively ordered my dance shoes from this site. Prices are great, love the free shipping and the selection is outstanding. I have referred many people here as well. This latest order did not disappoint as it was up to the standards I have come to expect. I like the print - something a little different than my standard nude or black shoe. Very comfortable from the first wearing. I bought them specifically for a jive routine I will be performing but will be wearing them on a regular basis. The one thing I will say about this particular pair is that the straps around the ankle fit me perfectly without any alteration which is nice. I have very thin ankles and normally have to punch additional holes in the straps of all the shoes I buy to get them tight enough. These were good as is, so another positive! Would not hesitate to recommend these shoes!