SERA7013 Silver Grey Satin

Average rating: 4 / 5





Danijela Cortan
Rating: 2

Dance Instructor

I purchased these in Silver color back in March but wore them only 3-4 times while teaching an hour and a half long class. They are comfortable and look very nice however after wearing them the fourth time I notice that there was something tangling around my feet but I didn't see anything. I wasn't until I look closer that I noticed the tiny plastic thread that is at the top of the ruffle, it was pulled out and you can't put it back(it is very loosely sewn in to begin with). This causes all the ruffles to straighten out and go flat therefore totally changing the look of the shoes and not in a good way. Now I have a shoes that no longer look they way they supposed to and if I cut the ruffle off I have no idea how would they look. I am so disappointed and really would not recommend them unless you just care how comfortable they are and not how they (might) look after few dances.

Ann Burns
Rating: 5

hot hot hot!

I love the look and comfort of these shoes. 

Aida Basin
Rating: 5

it is beautiful

These shoes fit perfectly and were very comfortable...and just so pretty! I just bought them so I don''t know how they will stand up to time, but as they were extremely inexpensive they will be well worth the money even if they don''t last as long as the expensive brands.