1650 Black Leather

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Sierra Wells
Rating: 1


COMPLETELY DISAPPOINTED! I have purchased these shoes before and they were perfect the first time around BUT i recently just bought another pair and they were horrible. They sent me a pair of used shoes! The shoes were peeling even before i took them out the box. They even tried to cover it with black spray paint. As soon as i touched the shoe, the paint transferred onto my hands. And it was very hard to wash off by the way. The newest part of the shoe was the fresh suede bottom that they slapped on and glued into it. Horrible pair, it's like they were from a different vender. Won't buy this pair again.

Rating: 3

Prod Mgr

Recommend ordering 1/2 size smaller. Straps around ball of foot & toes are VERY loose. Length of shoe was correct for 7.5 size. Quality of construction is good & they are comfortable.