SERO106BBX Black Leather_Black Suede

Average rating: 5 / 5





Rating: 5

Tango Dancer

I was very pleased with my purchase of this pair of shoes.

Denise Dick
Rating: 5

Salsa Fan

I bought them for my husband; he had wanted them for awhile now. He absolutely loves them? The fit, color and comfort are great!

Rating: 5

My salsa dancing shoes

I bought SERO106BBX black leather & suede men's dancing shoes to continue to learn salsa, and I am liking them a lot. At first it felt like the shoe toe was too narrow for me (the top of the shoe was noticeably pressing on my toes), but now that they are broken in they feel much more comfortable. Knowing that every manufacturer's shoe size scale is usually slightly different, especially when it comes to specialty shoes (running shoes, etc.), I had to guess my dancing shoe size. I usually wear size 10.5, and it was the size of my dancing shoes that fit me perfectly. The shoes look fancy. I showed them to a friend of mine who is a professional ballet dancer, and she was impressed.Placing the order on was easy, and my shoes arrived at the doorstep quickly. Thank you very much!

Rating: 5

great pair of shoes

I ordered and they came quick the fit was good and I get lots of compliments. very happy

Sterling Copper
Rating: 5

My favorite brand by far!

My new old favorite shoe - These shoes are sweet. I would say they are just a pinch under their marked size, but once they wear in you're good to go.