1606FT Black Leather

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Rating: 2

Just don't work for me

I have other shoes from this company and have always been very satisfied, but this shoe does not work for me. The outer top foot straps 92nd and third) are too far apart and my little toe wants to come outside of the shoe. I should have returned them when I tried them on, but I decided to actually take a class as I bought them for practice shoes. I bought my regular size and the shoes fits well, but I can't dance in them for fear my baby toes will get crushed or hurt. If you have long toes, i guess these work fine, but not for me:(

Joanne Clarkson
Rating: 2


The shoes that we got were made differently than the ones shown in the pictures: the retention strap was not held by going through a small slot in the sole. These shoes are not acceptable because the tension slips when I am dancing. The other day I saw an other woman in class with the same shoes. Her shoes had the retention strap installed the way it is shown in the pictures; she said she has had no problem with them.

Rating: 3


The shoe is nice, comfortable to dance in. I have a small foot so we had to have more holes punched in the strap to get to fit. Really don't like not being able to see and try on shoes.

Joan Cruzen
Rating: 5

very happy with these shoes :)

The material is soft - the inside extra comfortable. This is my first but certainly not my last pair of Very Fine shoes

Kylie Russel
Rating: 5

No problems with these shoes whatsoever!

These were super comfortable - it felt like I was putting on slippers. Arch support was fairly good and it was very soft.