6027FT Tan Satin_Flesh Mesh

Average rating: 4.5 / 5





Rating: 5

purchased 02/2019

Great shoes. No blisters! Great quality. When I build up to taller heels, they will be this brand. Love the free shipping that came with my order. The Tan Saten in a nice copper color.

Rating: 4


I have a long narrow foot, so shoes don't typically fit me. This one is no exception. It is very large in the toe box, so I have to use inserts in that area to fill up the space. Other than that, these shoes are a BLESSING to your feet. Very comfortable. This shoe is perfect for someone with wide fee. Narrow feet? Use inserts.

Jazmine Galloway
Rating: 4

Love them, pinch my toe a bit but not a really big deal

love them, the part right above my big toe is a little pinchy but that's due to my wide feet. They fit surprisingly well otherwise, I have a lot of trouble finding flats for my short wide hobbit feet!

Suzy Roosen
Rating: 5

feel like slippers, I love them!

These are one of only a few shoes I've owned that didn't require breaking in and were comfortable after a full night of dancing. To be honest, they feel like slippers except way cuter ;)

Brenda Woodruff
Rating: 4

These dance shoes are great

They are comfortable, and fit my foot as expected. As with any new shoe, my heel was a little sore the first day, but since they've been broken in, I haven't had any discomfort.