6030 Gold Stardust & Gold Leather

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I have purchased this shoe at least 6 times in the past and I love them - they always fit like a glove and I wear them until they fall apart. Sadly this pair are not of the same quality - they are too tight and the shoes seem stiffer and made of a cheaper material than in the past. I am very disappointed. As the seller is in the US it is not practicable to return them as the cost of the return postage and the wasted delivery and customs fee is at least 3 times the cost of the shoes. I will not purchase from this site again.

Susan Mertz
Rating: 5

God Stardust

This is my second pair of these shoes -- love gold and, of course, they are comfortable!

Rating: 5


Absolutely delighted! I wore them for my wedding/reception and danced in them all night long. Comfortable and beautiful. True to size.