9627 Gold Sparklenet & Gold Trim & Cuban Heel

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Rating: 5


Are you kidding me? These shoes fit like a glove, just perfect for ballroom dancers and Argentine Tango tangueras as well. They are priced very reasonable, and they look fabulous on me and I can dance with a LOT of confidence. I get many, many compliments, and of course I tell them where I got them from. I just love them!!! Thank you, and I am a very happy and satisfied customer. Looking forward to ordering more dance shoes from you. Finally, my feet are happy.

Rating: 5

Lindy Hop and Balboa Dancer

I love these shoes. I've owned a pair for about four years, and they have become my go-to shoes. Surprisingly comfy and the heel high is perfect for a dressy look why still allowing me to dance at >250 bpm!

Rating: 4

Great practice shoes!

I love them, and the Cuban heel is much easier to dance in. I use these as my practice ones and I get tons of compliments.