6819 Babylon Shell

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Elaine Strout
Rating: 4


Love these shoes (they are very pretty), and they fit well, however, in the photo (to me) they look like they have black spots on the brown spots. Actually, the spots that I thought were black are a darker brown. Even though they don''''''''''''''''t have the black spots, I will keep them. They''''''''''''''''re too sexy to return.

Rating: 4

just your every day woman

I''''''''''''''''m not a dancer but love dance shoes based on a comfort perspective. I have a hard time finding nice dress shoes because I''''''''''''''''m a half size and a wide size - and I can get that here. They''''''''''''''''re great for a girl''''''''''''''''s night out - always get lots of comments. And the best part is that my feet don''''''''''''''''t hurt at the end of the night.