S3801 Black Nubuck & Blk Patent Trim

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Rating: 5

Vintage style and great for a long day on one's feet

Nothing makes your legs look better than a high heel, but there comes a point when you realize that you just don't want to spend hours teetering around on 4-5" spikes. I have a penchant for retro/vintage looks and have always loved a flared heel, but that style is not currently found anywhere (although wedges, "stripper platforms" and stilettos abound). I wanted a special-occasion shoe that would be comfortable for a long day on my feet, and remembered reading about a woman who purchased dance shoes for just that reason. I couldn't be happier! With these, I got a 3" flared heel that made my legs look amazing but gave me the stability and comfort I was hoping for. And they were complete originals - no one else at the event I attended had anything like them. In fact, I noticed a LOT of women tromping around looking like they were in pain after a few hours.Other than a bit of visible glue where the sole meets the vamp, and a small area on one shoe where the inner insole was not glued firmly down, the quality was great for the price (and honestly, the weight of the foot pressed the errant insole edge down, and it was on the inside of the foot anyway). I expect to wear these shoes for many occasions year-round. They'd look amazing with any retro, vintage or rockabilly looks (I didn't go full retro on this occasion, but wore a dressy polished cotton, A-line, strapless sundress and the shoes were the perfect complement).